Whole Foods on Bank Street, Ottawa

Hi, Mom!

Glad you’re enjoying the virtual ride. I thought I might have to give up doing the blog because I don’t seem to have much time to do it, with all the work orders coming in and the tight deadlines, but then I figured that sleeping is much overrated.  😀

I’m in Ottawa. The garlic festival in Perth got rained out today, so I’m having my own private garlic festival in my hotel room. God help the people who have to sit near me on the train to Toronto tomorrow. I reckon that within the first hour, I’ll have the whole car to myself.

I was supposed to be staying in a dorm room at the U of Ottawa, but it wasn’t air conditioned and there were no fans, and the outside temperature was 40 Celsius with the humidex (the temperature in the room I checked out was much higher than that). The only rooms with air conditioning were the university’s hotel rooms (private bath and mini-fridge), so I took one on the top (20th) floor for the night, and then for two nights, and now for three nights. I’d stay longer, but I’ve got to get to Toronto tomorrow so I can get to Detroit (Real American Whole Foods – YAY!) on Monday and then to Niagara Falls on Tuesday for a few nights. And then it’s back to Toronto on Thursday for the CNE on Friday, and finally onto Winnipeg and points west on Saturday night.

I actually like Ottawa. Even with the heat wave that greeted me on arrival and the thunder storms that cancelled my garlic festival, I still like Ottawa. It’s very neat and clean and orderly, the buses are frequent, and there’s a Whole Foods. I could even imagine living here. I wouldn’t live in Toronto again, but I would live here. There’s not much air pollution, at least not as much as Toronto. I don’t know why I like Ottawa. I didn’t think I would (considering what I think about the Canadian government and its recent policies), but there you go. There’s something about Ottawa. It could be just as simple as a good bus system and Whole Foods. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’d definitely come back here again, and I’d definitely stay longer.


Ottawa bus