but i bearly know you

The more I think about taking Prince Rupert and Churchill off my tour route, the sadder I get.

I was especially reminded today about what I might be missing if I bypass Churchill. There’s a geomagnetic storm going on right now, giving gorgeous aurora borealis to the skies above the tiny northern village. Here’s a pic taken just a few hours ago:

this is what you're going for

I can’t let people’s shitty attitudes and the train’s shitty toilets keep me from seeing these wonders. And I also can’t let my clients dictate when I should or shouldn’t be available. Maybe I’ll ask my boss (that’s me!) if I can take a semi-vacation for a few weeks while I tour up to Prince Rupert and Churchill. If my boss says it’s OK to let my clients know that turnaround on work will be a week instead of the usual 2 to 3 days, then I’m good to go.


YIPPEE! The boss says it’s OK to take a semi-vacation every so often, so I’m taking a semi-vacation from the time I’ll be in Prince Rupert until I get back to Toronto. I’ll start letting my clients know now, so everyone will be prepared for longer turnarounds.

I can’t be on call all the time. No-one can live like that.



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